Super Secret VHS

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What is Space Revolver?

Space Revolver started out as a single screen one-hit-kill platforming action game heavily influenced by games like Towerfall and Samurai Gunn, with gameplay and character control influenced by Megaman X, all set in a world deeply inspired by Cowboy Bebop. It is slowly grown into a game with a custom character creator, online multiplayer, an in depth level editor, and a large branching single player campaign.

Story? What Story?

You're a down on your luck gun for hire who's in serious debt to an outer rim mob boss, but lucky for you, a job that will wipe that debt off the map just landed in your lap! All you have to do is sneak in to an office building and steal a box! What's in the box? A mysterious VHS tape with a secret that the Federation will do anything to keep under wraps! As luck would have it, there's no such thing as easy money, and the people who hired you want to use this tape to blackmail the Federation, and they'll turn you in unless you transport it for them. The only problem? The closest working VCR is on the other side of the galaxy. Now it's your job to jump from planet to planet through a small band of non-federation controlled space, picking up odd jobs, bribing warp gate guards, and staying one step ahead of the Federation's troops until you can deliver the VHS and probably retire.

That sounds amazing! Where can I get it?

Nowhere yet, but we'll be on Steam this summer!

Have we mentioned the custom character creator? PC Mac Linux

I'm pretty sure we have, but I'll just link it again, just in case you didn't see it.

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